How to choose a slot machine to win


We present a strategy for choosing a winning online casino slot, based on the behavior of the slot machine. And this strategy is based on getting money from the online casino site play croco casino so note that the most appropriate described strategy is for gambling this site. You will learn how to determine on your own which video slot will give more winnings and not just rely on chance. We will tell you:

  • What is the different behavior of a slot machine in demo mode;
  • What is the ideal slot: the criteria by which it can be calculated and how to play when found;
  • about the indirect signs of “plus” slot machines;
  • What is correction courses and how to use them;
  • tips and recommendations for the game;
  • And what casino to choose.

The behavior of the slot machine in demo mode

The essence of the strategy is to choose a profitable slot machine on the basis of its behavior in free mode. Given that all video slots from NetEnt are on the server of the company (and the casinos only perform the functions of the input and output of funds), then all the demo games are also the same for all operators. There are the following states of slot machines:

Slot machine “in the black” according to the balance of bets made and payments made for the selected period of time. This is the mode: “giving out money”.

The video slot is “in deficit” according to the balance of made bets and paid out winnings. It is necessary to refuse to play on such a slot.

The slot machine is in a neutral state, with no significant deviation of the balance either in plus or minus. This is the neutral state of the slot, and it will “hold the balance”, gradually decreasing it.

The Ideal Slot

In an ideal situation, the player always chooses a slot with a “giving away money” mode. You can find such a machine by searching through the states of different games in the mode of free testing for funnies.

How to determine, that the machine is “in plus” and ready to pay

Choosing a free gameSelect an interesting game in the Free casino games section in the column on the right. When choosing, take into account the percentage return of the total bet (RTP), it is indicated in brackets. The higher the percentage, the more profitable the slot. On the game review page you will also find hidden parameters of the machine (cycle length, winnings variance, probability of bonus activation) and tester feedback.

Run the game in demo mode at the same rate (and the number of lines) as you plan to play for real money. We recommend reading the articles:

  • Dispersion in NetEnt video slots;
  • And the length of cycles in slots Net Entertainment;
  • Analyze the state of the slot, varying the value of bets;
  • If there are many wins and they fall out often, the video slot is likely in positive mode and ready to pay;
  • If we lose – we change the size of the bet, until you pick the optimum;
  • If this does not help, choose another slot.

It is also worth considering that deposit bonuses are rarely limited to the first deposit. A type of bonus called a welcome package is often a series of lucrative offers from online casinos. Of the most trendy examples today: a high percentage bonus, plus 200 freespins on slots, which stretch for 10 days, and all on a single deposit. Another good option is several offers on deposits from the first to the fifth, say. And for each subsequent deposit, a higher bonus percentage is given than for the previous one.

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